Ladyada’s workshop is a place to you explore all the cool things you build and use when you’re an engineer!

By Limor Fried (Founder & Engineer, Adafruit Industries)

Will LEGO produce a hardware hacker’s idea of a set for girls?We are very excited about this experiment.

Here is our “Ladyada’s workshop” LEGO page. We need 10,000 votes to make it “real”!

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Lego for girls, this time hardware-hacker style @ Tech Culture – CNET News:

One hacker has her own idea of what a Lego set for girls should be. If 10,000 people agree with her, the toymaker could find itself producing her hacker-focused design.

This week, Fried and business partner Phillip Torrone unveiled Ladyada’s Workshop, a Lego set they designed that features Ladyada (Fried’s hacker alter ego, wearing her work outfit) in her comfort zone: a workshop with a pick-and-place machine, a laser cutter, a sewing machine, a soldering station, a computer, a microscope, and shelves of parts and packages. And for good measure, her cat, Mosfet, looks on admiringly.

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About the guest blogger: Limor Fried is the Founder of Adafruit Industries. She is a MIT trained engineer, the first female engineer on WIRED magazine’s cover and winner of an EFF pioneer award for teaching and sharing electronics. She has been featured in hundreds of publications and media around the world. Adafruit was started in 2005, Limor’s goal is to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. Follow her on Twitter at @adafruit.