Revamping the TaskRabbit site to cater to women but continue to court men.

By E.B. Boyd (Silicon Valley Reporter, Fast Company)

Whenever TaskRabbit got press, lots of young, professional men signed up. But regular users of the site – which connects members with people willing to do their chores for a small fee – were women. So Leah Busque has been revamping the site to strike a balance: Cater to women but continue to court men.

To make the service feel less abstract and more trustworthy, women needed to see photos of actual job-doers. When photos were posted, sign-ups doubled almost immediately.

The Post-it Notes stressed out women who were already stretched thin. “We realized we were basically yelling in people’s faces–you have laundry to do!” Busque says. “So we made it more serene.”

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