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By Angeline Tan (Coordinator, Lean Startup Machine)

An intensive educational workshop, Lean Startup Machine (May 25-27, 2012 in San Francisco, CA) is where entrepreneurs and innovators learn how to build solutions customers want. You’ll learn and experience more in 3 days than most do in 6 months.

Your ultimate success is not contingent on your original “idea”. Groupon started as a platform for group social activism, YouTube started as a dating site, PayPal started for Palm Pilot payments. It’s not as important where you start, only that you start now. Start learning. Start talking to customers. Start searching for viable solutions.

Over the course of the weekend you will do the following:

  • Ideate a startup or work on the one you have now
  • Practice customer discovery
  • Research your target market
  • Practice customer development
  • Test your assumptions in iterations
  • Understand your business model
  • Iterate and pivot when necessary
  • Build something you can launch
  • Eliminate unnecessary features and focus on the ones people want.
  • Build minimum viable products (iterative experiments or “hacks”) that will save you tens of thousands of dollars in development costs, and even more importantly, TIME.

Who’s this event for?

Lean Startup Machine is NOT a hackathon. You should attend if your risk of finding users and customers is substantially higher than the risk of actually being able to build the technology. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come!

Got an idea of your own? Great. You’ll get a chance to deliver your elevator pitch at the kickoff. After voting, if your idea gets selected, you will be able to form a team and start working.

If you plan to work on an existing project….

Bring at least one co-founder with you to the event if you plan to work on an existing project. If you have existing co-founders and none of them attend, you’ll have to work on a new startup idea. But don’t worry, you’ll still learn valuable skills that you can apply to your own business. Don’t show up looking for a technical co-founder… that’s not the goal of this experience.

No co-founders? No problem.

You’ll meet many talented and smart people and have the opportunity to hear their new startup ideas. Whatever idea you work on, you will learn many valuable skills that you can later apply to your own business.

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Win a ticket to the Lean Startup Machine!

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May the best lean startupper win!

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About the guest blogger: Angeline Tan is an organizer of the Lean Startup Machine in San Francisco. She has over 15 years of project management experience in the public and private sectors. She brings a wealth of project management and Agile perspectives to advocating Agile practices to teams and lean startups to build shippable products. She also organized and founded the San Francisco Agile Conference. A bon vivant of the Agile community, Angeline is known to some as the Agile ambassador in her home city, San Francisco. Follow her on Twitter at @agilemeister.