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By Rania Anderson (Co-Founder, Women’s Capital Connection)

Maria Carolina Cintra always wanted to have her own company. Knowing there are only a handful of Brazilian female tech entrepreneurs, she has used her internet savvy to change that.

Cintra is the founder and Innovation Director of Kingo Labs, the first company in Latin America to develop its own reality mining applications, collecting and analyzing data through mobile devices.

In efforts to support other women entrepreneurs, she and a group of like-minded, trailblazing girlfriends started the “Subversive Ideas Lab” (LIS) association, which offers mentoring, as well as programs to inspire girls to launch their own companies of any kind.

One of Cintra’s friends who helped start this group is Silvia Valadare, the coordinator of Microsoft’s global entrepreneurship and innovation programs in Brazil. Cintra and Valadare were both named in TheNextWeb’s “Latin American Startups: 10 Women to Watch” list last year.

Cintra leads Kingo Labs to focus on being a great product company rather than a service one. Their main goal is to provide ideal solutions through a blending of innovation with technology and simplicity, specifically for companies that are looking to engage with their consumers.

They do this through specializing in building customized products, apps (most of which are made for Facebook), and collaborative tools for social networks such as, which helps organizing competitions through Twitter.

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Photo credit: Kevin Dooley on Flickr.

Rania-AndersonAbout the guest blogger: Rania Anderson is a Co-Founder of Women’s Capital Connection, a women’s angel network in Kansas City. She is an entrepreneur, writer, executive business coach and angel investor. Throughout her professional life, Rania has been observing, researching, connecting with and guiding the way women work. Rania guides women globally to achieve professional and business success. Follow her on Twitter at @TheWayWomenWork.