Learn how to program, what software businesses are, and how to design – through free classes online!
By Frances Advincula (Former Platform Development Intern, Accenture Software)


Someday I will get through all of this – the courses here are free, through endeavors such as iTunes U and MIT Open Courseware.

For The Programmers

For The Techno-preneurs

Lectures on the business of software (courses). These might be helpful whether you are starting your own crazy-awesome startup (I bow down to you!) or you are working for a company whose business is software (understand how the behemoth works, right?).

For The Designers

Here are user experience and other “more creative” topics:

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About the guest blogger: Frances Advincula is about to graduate with a degree in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering. Previously, she interned for six months as a Platform Development Intern for Accenture Software. She also is the self-appointed roundup ninja at The Levo League. A proud geek girl, she’s sure she is the only one who can’t play video games. Follow her on Twitter at @FranAdvincula.