By Katie Gage (Programming Manager, Springboard Enterprises)
Melinda Wittstock (Founder & CEO, NewsiT) is launching her new mobile app at SXSW, demoing on Friday, and pitching at Hatchpitch on Sunday. NewsiT is a crowd-reporting platform and a social network for news.

Here are a list of Springboard companies that will be at SXSW:
Bettina Hein (Founder & CEO, Pixability)
Serial entrepreneur Bettina founded Pixability. Follow her company at @pixability.

Danielle Weinblatt (Founder & CEO, Take the Interview)
Former growth capital investor Danielle founded Take The Interview to automate the candidate screening process with cloud-based video interviewing. Follow her on Twitter at @dweinblatt.

Eve Phillips (Founder & CEO, Empower Interactive)
Eve founded Empower Interactive, a platform teaching core skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression, to cost-effectively manage well-being. Follow her on Twitter at @evephillips.

Hilary DeCesare (Founder & CEO, Everloop)
Hilary founded Everloop to give tweens a protected space to express themselves, play games, collaborate on projects and discover talents. Follow her on Twitter at @everloopmom.

Lauren Flanagan (Founder & Managing Director, Phenomenelle Angels & BELLE Capital)
Lauren founded angel funds Phenomenelle Angels and BELLE Capital to support women entrepreneurs. Follow her on Twitter at @LFlanagan.

Lauren Williams (Founder & CEO, Movie Hatch)
Lauren founded Movie Hatch to let movie-goers decide which movies are made by Hollywood. Follow her company at @MovieHatch.

Marci Harris (Founder & CEO, POPVOX)
Marci founded POPVOX, a neutral nonpartisan advocacy platform meshing real-time legislative data with users’ personal stories. Follow her startup at @POPVOX.

Melinda Wittstock (Founder & CEO, NewsiT)
Melinda founded NewsiT, a mobile crowd-reporting platform for creating and sharing high-quality personalized news and information. Follow her startup at @NewsiTnews.

Morgan First (Founder & CEO, Second Glass)
Morgan founded Second Glass, creating online and mobile tools for both wine consumers and wine producers. Follow her on Twitter at @Morgan1st.

Ping Fu (Founder & CEO, Geomagic)
Ping founded Geomagic, software for analyzing measurements from a physical object and comparing immediately to a digital model. Follow her on Twitter at @pingfugeomagic.

Susan Strausberg (Founder & CEO, 9W Search)
Serial entrepreneur Susan founded 9W Search, a next generation mobile financial search platform. Follow her company at @9WSrch.

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About the guest blogger: Katie Gage is the Programming Manager for Springboard Enterprises. She manages SBE’s signature program, the Venture Forum, as well as initiatives like Build It Big, the Springboard Dolphin Tank™ and events involving high-growth women-led businesses, women entrepreneurs, and access to venture capital. Prior to Springboard Enterprises, Katie lived and worked in Santiago, Chile and volunteered with young adults near Concepcion to advance environmental awareness.