By Alexis Finch (Pencil, GraphiteMind)
1000 women in one room, and every one of them ready to start something. PITCH was enough to leave you gasping, at the pure potential, at the achievements, at the wisdom you could pick up from eavesdropping alone.

How do you capture an experience like this so you can look back at it clearly? Grabbing business cards, scribbling notes in the margins of the program… With speakers as powerful as Caterina Fake and Robin Chase, that’s not enough.



I do sketchnotes. I’ve been taking notes this way forever, finding words and bullet points insufficient when it comes to important ideas. Our minds use metaphor to better understand nuance, to refer things back to our experience, make the abstract palpable, relatable. The more we can illustrate what we are thinking the easier it is for others to join the conversation. This holds true for conference talks, brainstorming sessions, pitches for new companies…

So I’m sharing the sketchnotes that I did for Women 2.0 to help everyone remember better. Think of these as a quick reference guide to the inspiration you’ll need next week, next month, next year. Whenever the feeling of being in that room starts to fade. When you’re trying to remember why you didn’t just take that easy desk job. Remember the passion. Remember the strength. Look back on these and remember that you’re not alone. You were there, among 1000 women strong, ready to start something.

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About the guest blogger: Alexis Finch is the pencil for hire behind GraphiteMind. She takes sketchnotes of technology talks and startup stories. A drop-ship UX Researcher / Strategist, Alexis also mentors at co-working spaces and for Startup Weekend events. Based in San Francisco (with New York City tendencies), she is currently working on a startup of her own to change the future of work for freelancers. Follow her on Twitter at @agentfin.