By Jen Gordon (Designer, Tapptics)
Editor’s note: Women 2.0 members save big on this course – only $79 now until February 28, 2012.

Your mobile app design is the number one thing people look at to judge the quality and “buyability” of your app. Before a single review or description is read, your apps visual design makes an impression on your potential customer.

Are you making a good or bad impression on shoppers in the App Store? Don’t fret. Until now there hasn’t been a place to learn the process of Mobile App Design. But now there is.

This mobile app design course provides detailed video training PLUS layered, pixel-perfect Photoshop design templates to get you started quickly:

  • Visual Metaphors – Why we use visual metaphors and how user interface is a HUGE selling point.
  • Color, Typography, Layout and Tap-able Targets – Picking a color scheme, size and spacing of buttons, layouts based on tactile finger movements.
  • Working With Templates – Why you should start small and size up.
  • Previewing Your Design – Previewing design on your device and why it’s CRITICAL.
  • Preparing The Artwork For Your Developer – How to systematically organize and distribute your final design.

Who should attend this mobile app design course:

  • Developers who want to learn app design.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to understand why app design impacts sales, and instruct their own teams on best design practices.
  • Designers looking to broaden their career (read: Paycheck!) and quickly learn the nuances of designing for mobile devices.

Learn to create an attention getting design for your iPhone application!

Women 2.0 members save big on this course – only $79 now until February 28, 2012.
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About the guest blogger: Jen Gordon is a Designer at Tapptics, a training resource for those interested in jumping into the exciting field of mobile design. She makes her living designing pretty interfaces for glowing boxes, and teaching others how to do the same. Jen has launched a large portfolio of her own apps, along with a multitude of apps for clients. Follow her on Twitter at @itsjengordon.