By Roger Park (Blog Editor, AT&T Interactive)
So you’ve got a great mobile app. You worked hard on it and now it’s a reality. Congrats! You’ve made it this far but what about the pitch?

You may have a stellar mobile app but not being able to articulate its value or simply explain what it does and why it’s a fresh idea can lead you, well, nowhere.

No need to worry. We can help you prepare your pitch.

What follows are a few tips when pitching your mobile app:

  1. Short synopsis of your app – Come up with a simple explanation of what the app does.
  2. Know your audience – Who’s going to use the app?
  3. Value of the app – Why would anybody use your app? What are the benefits? What problems does your app solve?
  4. How is your app different from other apps? – The app market is huge so there might be similar apps to yours. What separates yours from the others? What’s fresh and new about it?
  5. Get your demo ready – Make sure it’s working. I’s important to have a functional and smooth-running mobile app that’s ready to go to market.
  6. Practice your pitch – Time yourself, practice in front of a friend, record yourself. Do it over and over so when you eventually pitch, you’ll be polished.

At AT&T Interactive, we encourage and support the creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of the developer community. Be sure to check out the YP Developer Program to learn how we provide developers with access to free business listings to build their local apps.

Photo credit: Angie Chang on Flickr.
About the guest blogger: Roger Park is the blog editor at AT&T Interactive Blog, which showcases the latest news, product, insights and more at AT&T Interactive.