By Carolyn Gerin (Creator, Antibride Productions)
Live from Women 2.0 Pitch Conference in Mountain View, I’m happy to be at the Computer History Museum surrounded by some of the hottest female-founded tech startups in modern history.

We are experiencing a Femme Tech Boom and today is ground zero for innovation, creation and atta girl “can-do” attitude. If you think it’s all about the cult of the Zuck, think again, these ladies who launch got moxie, money and energy to burn.

The idea is to get the mic in your hand and show ‘em what you’re made of. VCs are in the audience ready to fund the next Eve, Minted or TaskRabbit.

Think you’ve got what it takes to wow a potential investor? Check out founder Tara Hunt and Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur of Buyosphere. She is changing the world of shopping, one very considered and curated opinion at a time.

What is Buyosphere? Tara Hunt describes it as a “Quora for Shopping” – a shopping Q&A platform that helps you find that particular item by popping the question about what you want. Buyosphere crowdsources the shopping query, connecting you with people and shops that know where to find it.

What does this have to do with weddings? Easy as pie: a week ago, I received a request to help find a vintage-themed tea length wedding dress. Lickety split, I popped up three picks from J.Crew and Beholdn. Other women around the blogosphere also weighed in, curating and assisting the bride in helping her research her trousseau.

It’s like having a universe of best friends helping you find your needle in a haystack. Gorgeous, affordable and ready to wear, the dresses all fit the bill, saved the bride time, and served as a worldwide stylist team for the bride. Check out Buyosphere for brides, maids, attendants, gear and more – sublime taste offered at no additional charge!

TaskRabbit is “a site that helps you get just about anything done by safe, reliable, awesome people” – a new model of joining strivers with the eager-to-work unemployed, creating monetized solutions through social networks.

According to founder Leah Busque, “there are hordes of underemployed potential Rabbits looking for income and legions of frantically overworked beavers yearning for relief.“

Imagine how TaskRabbit could help you plan your wedding – fetch those invitations at the printer, fabric swatches from your dressmaker, or pick Grandma up from the airport in time for the rehearsal dinner. The list is endless, and costs vary: All the Rabbits name their price to meet your request, and the rest is up to you.

To assuage any concerns, all Rabbits are extensively checked through the TaskRabbit vetting process so you are assured of a trustworthy person to handle your needs.

These are just two of the spectacular and amazing women and start ups that are being showcased today. It’s great to see so many amped and astonishing rock stars in one place with such talent and heart, making their dreams a reality.

Big shout out and huge chocolate heart to Angie Chang, co-founder of Women 2.0. She’s a visionary in the tech space, promoting women in technology and showing Silicon Valley and beyond that it’s not a boys club anymore, there’s plenty of room at the startup table.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Photo credit: Erica Hsu on Foursquare.
About the guest blogger: Carolyn Gerin is the author of the Antibride series published on Chronicle Books, the first voice in the alterna-bridal pop cultural space. She is the recipient of the Nokia Open Screen Fund Grant as the co-creator of first green fashion mobile app. She is a serial entrepreneur and art director. Follow her on Twitter at @antibride.