By Alice Krause (Founder, NewsOnWomen)
Young women use so much technology (Facebook, cell phones, iPad, Twitter, e-commerce), and yet rarely do they consider the career opportunities tech has for them. This is a contradiction we must all set out to solve.

In an effort to do that, we have declared Monday, February 13, 2012 – Dare2BDigital Monday – a day to talk to young women about innovation. You can help by telling young women you know:

  1. Innovation is important for everybody. You are part of the innovation world every time you log on to Facebook or Twitter or use your iPad.
  2. Innovation is what makes you stand out. The companies that really stand out in today’s world are the companies that help people look at their world in a new way. They focus on helping people do things cheaper, easier, faster, better, or in a completely new way.
  3. Innovators do not have to be engineers. But engineers give us the tools to be innovators. Inventing the technology is only the beginning. It’s the users that make the technology better. What would Facebook be without “friends”, Or Google without people searching? So even if you are not an engineer or computer science major, you can still innovate by thinking about how you do the things you, and how you can do them “better, cheaper, faster, easier or in a completely new way”!
  4. Innovation is changing everything. Industries are having to rethink what they do and how they do it. Healthcare is a good example of an industry that’s changing. In healthcare, you no longer have to think about just being a doctor or a nurse. You can work in the healthcare ecosystem in many ways, helping people learn how to be fit, helping people learn how to eat right and exercise more often, etc.

So I ask you all to take this message to as many young women as you can by contacting your schools, talking to your kids, your friends and your co-workers. Make a plan for “Dare2BDigital Monday” and do something, however small.

It’s these small steps that make a big difference. And ask your company to make a difference as well. Every company should have an innovation pipeline. What is your company’s method of getting good ideas to the top? Share that with others and let young women see innovation in action. Companies can go to schools and talk to young women about how their future jobs will be affected by innovation and what kind of changes are coming to their world. They could also hold a “D2BDigital Monday” Lunch or Dinner.

Young women should know it’s innovation that will solve the problems of our economy, creating new jobs, new kinds of companies and more productivity, as well as improving education and healthcare and so much more and they need to be a part of it. Please pass this message on. #d2bdmonday

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About the guest blogger: Alice Krause is Founder of NewsonWomen, the award winning daily news site about what women are doing. Alice was a pioneer in the women’s news space, reporting on the achievements of women in business, in education, in science and technology, and more starting in 2005. Alice is a former Credit Executive of Chase Bank where she spent many years developing credit polices and procedures for the Bank’s loan portfolio. Alice also focused a great deal of her time at Chase on training other women executives at the Bank.