By Bo Silliman (Managing Partner, SLO Down Wines)
SLO Down Wines was founded on the principal belief that differentiating yourself in a market can be a key to success. We knew from the nascent stages of this little venture that people would scoff, laugh, perhaps even look down on us, and we loved it.

Our underdog mentality is something we wear as a weathered badge of honor, and feel as though the recognition we are given is earned, not bestowed. It is these beliefs that align us with the organization Women 2.0. Their continued effort to educate and inform aspiring entrepreneurs through the vast networks of intellectual capital is inspiring to the boys at SLO Down… plus, it’s women, I mean, come on.

When we began, our efforts were not as altruistic as one may think. I remember those days, the bunks beds, the late nights spent drinking our wine and pairing it so well with beef-flavored ramen noodles. What? It is a full-bodied red, what would you pair it with? The shrimp-flavored? Ridiculous!

Chip will tell you point blank why he started down this voyage. Ask him and the next word out of his mouth, probably before you can finish your question is, “girls.” Some may say that this should not or could not be a motivating factor in such a bourgeoisies industry filled with men’s men and old guard wealth. Well ladies and ladies, that is why we are here…

We are not willing to pander to the long standard of the “traditional” wine drinker. The same person that doesn’t see the value in the transformative youthful mid-twenties probably misses the value in the catharsis that is, SLO Down Wines. However, you do… don’t you?

Of course you do, you are a beautiful, empowered, entrepreneurial woman… and we like you for all of those reasons and we made this wine just for you. So what if this company is our collective quarter life crisis. It’s the most fun crisis I have ever been a part of, except for…, no — no this one.

So when you are done with a tough day of being a new world double X founder or funder, know that at home waiting for you, should be, and most definitely could be (*cough shop SLO Down Wines cough*) a beautiful bottle of Sexual Chocolate with a label handwritten just for you.

It is there to listen to you about your day, or not. It will make you feel warm, and probably a bit more empowered, but most importantly it was made for women like you, who don’t really give a shit about what everyone else around them thinks, you are who you are, the same as Popeye and the same as SLO Down Wines.


The Boys at SLO Down

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About the guest blogger: Bo Silliman is Marketing Director and Managing Partner at SLO Down Wines, the urban winery based in San Francisco. Bo and Chip attended high school in Dallas, Texas and they met Brandon on Craigslist in the personal ads. Before SLO Down wines, Bo worked in pharmaceutical research. He earned a B.S. from U of L, and a BioChem degree from JBL Speed School of Engineering. Bo has always and will always enjoy Jeopardy and stolen moments with soft whispers.