By Blessing Oshin (Blogger, Working Mom Journal)
I have decided not to write New Year Resolutions this year. Here is what I plan on doing instead. I plan on focusing on three things this year, and why three things? I have noticed a trend in my own life that I can only juggle three things successfully in a given period.

I plan to focus on my career, family and fitness goals.

The next step is to identify my most valuable players (MVPs) for these three goals, because trust me, we all need MVPs on our team to help us move things faster, quicker and thoroughly.

In your career, how do you ensure that your MVPs are advocating for you, helping you sought that next raise, promotion, international assignment, and so on?

Here is a really quick strategy — bring out your calendar and choose five to six people that you want to have lunch with in 2012 that could potentially help advance your career. Is this your boss, an executive member that you only talk to once or twice every year, a friend in a career that you think might be a good fit for you, that guy you are always on a conference call with but you have never met him?

Step outside your comfort zone, and send out an invitation. The worst they can say is no or reschedule. And thats okay, recognize that people are busy and they may need time to fit a lunch into their schedule.

I have tried these techniques and it has never failed me. Every once in a while, I ask a top executive to lunch and we get to talk about their careers and before you know it, they are mapping out a career path for me. And honestly, that is how you get people to recognize your value, notice you and advocate for you. Its the easiest shortcut in my opinion.

Secondly, when it comes to my family, I will be scheduling some kind of dialogue night with my husband where we talk about our lives, careers and plans. It’s going to be once a month, at a nice upbeat location, just us. This is the first time I’ll be doing this, so I will let you know how it goes. And with my daughter, we will spend time creating fun and adventures on weekends, and even on some occassions, we may go on a girls’ outing.

Lastly, my fitness goals involves me and the gym, track, and fitness instructor, etc. Sometime last month, Boss Mom Online suggested getting a personal trainer and I am leaning towards that idea simply because I am willing to try something different and maybe since the personal trainer could be my potential MVP, I could get more value out of that relationship.

Who are your MVPs, and how do you plan on getting the most out of them in 2012?

This post was originally posted at Working Mom Journal.

About the guest blogger: Blessing Oshin is a Blogger at Working Mom Journal. Blessing currently works full time for a Fortune 500 chemical company and blogs daily at Working Mom Journal. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Energy & Environmental Management from the New York Institute of Technology. Follow her on Twitter at @workingmomblogs.