By Carla Rover (Contributing Writer, Digiday)
Since Digiday published a story earlier this week on the lack of women in leadership roles at advertising technology companies, we have heard back from many in the industry. Some have agreed with our findings and the root cause of the issue, while others have disputed that it’s an issue altogether.

In order to bring some more clarity to the issue, Digiday polled 10 leading ad tech firms to find two things:

  1. The percentage of women at the companies, and
  2. The percentage of women in their engineering and technology departments.

The reason we looked at the latter is because tech-oriented positions at these firms are obviously the most important.

What we found is a fairly consistent picture of companies that have far more men than women, with the most glaring gender gap in engineering. On average, 36% of these companies’ workforce is female. In engineering/tech departments of ad tech firms an average of 21% are female.

RadiumOne is the outlier, reporting that half its engineers are women. (Taking out RadiumOne, the percentage of female engineers at the firms sampled falls to 18%.)

RadiumOne VP of marketing Doug Chavez explained the anomaly by saying it is a priority for the company. It should be noted, however, that RadiumOne lists just two women among its top 10 executives.

The only company that did not fully participate in our poll was AppNexus. Jenny Mulholland, a representative for the company, said one third of its employees are women. It wouldn’t divulge how many of its engineers are female. Below are Digiday’s findings;

Percentage of Women of Total Workforce

Percentage off Engineers who are Women

This post was originally posted at Digiday.

About the guest blogger: Carla Rover is a freelance programmer and web developer, specializing in social media platforms. She studied international relations at NYU and law and political economy at The University of Oxford, St. Catherine’s College. Follow her on Twitter at @carlarover.