By Kristen Dolle (CEO, Pink Brick House)

The number one challenge for any new business is to get noticed, and once you have that, the challenges only increase. Growing sales, building relationships with consumers, keeping your brand fresh and dealing with the personal stress of running your own show are constant pressures women entrepreneurs deal with on a daily basis.

But what if our lives were made a little easier? What if everyone we wanted to reach were already enthusiastically seeking us out? What if there was a tight-knit network of women and web-based entertainment that inspired us in our weakest moments?

These are the objectives of Up and UP New York, a collective of women leaders dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs, artists and activists through a variety of marketing initiatives, including events, advertising, PR and branded entertainment.

On Thursday, December 8, 2011, Up and UP New York will make their first collective public debut at the “Women of New York” event at Gallery Bar in New York’s Lower East Side neighborhood.

Along with Women 2.0, many of the leading women networking groups have joined as co-sponsors to demonstrate their support for their campaign. Wimlink, SheSays, Ladies Lotto, She Creates Change, 85 Broads and FAB (Film and Advertising Broads) are some of Up and UP New York’s supporters.

The Up and UP New York collective includes some of the most ambitious women in NYC culture scene — Guilded State’s Tara St. James, designer Daniella Kallmeyer, Liz Entin of RunwayPassport, Emily May and Veronica Pinto of Hollaback! and Emily Doubilet and Jessica Holsey of SustyParty.

It’s my humble opinion that women entrepreneurs are the most dynamic, intelligent, important people in the world. When I think of the problems the world faces today, I truly believe that smart women can make them right. There’s no better way to get women in power than by empowering them as business leaders and culture shapers. Up and UP New York is the exhilarating initiative created to propel innovative, creative women into the mainstream in an easy, fun way.

For those of you in NYC, we highly encourage you to attend Thursday’s Free event! RSVP here.

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About the guest blogger: Kristen Dolle is the CEO of Pink Brick House, a marketing and media company that empowers smart women through exciting pop culture. She is also the copy director of SheSays newsletters, a freelance copywriter for a variety of advertising agencies and serves as a content/brand advisor for women-led startups. In addition, Kristen is the leader of Up and UP New York, a professional collective. Follow ger on Twitter at @kristendolle.