Women 2.0 is proud to partner with Blazing Cloud in San Francisco to offer the Women 2.0 community programming class: Ruby for Programmers (November 22 — December 13, 2011 from 6:30pm to 9pm for a total of 6 Tuesdays.
This class is designed for people with programming experience in another language or who have been introduced to Ruby through Rails and want to learn more Ruby. In this class, we will focus on learning the Ruby language through exploratory development and test-first teaching.

Weekly homework assignments will provide hands on reinforcement of concepts on a regular basis. We will dive into Objects and Classes, cover Arrays, Hashes, Strings, Numbers, and Regular Expressions, and learn about Ruby’s memory models.

After the language and syntax common patterns, you will learn how to do practical things like call the twitter API and print the results of a seach.

You will recieve the book “The Well-Grounded Rubyist” by David Black, which will supplement the class instruction.


All classes are held at Blazing Cloud’s office in downtown San Francisco, near Union Square (map).

Blazing Cloud applies an innovative teaching approach that is gaining widespread adoption, called Test-First Teaching, where students implement exercises that will cause pre-defined tests to pass. Many senior software engineers in the field find that testing is an effective way to learn a new language or API. This methodology also provides a good introduction to people who are new to testing.

As always, scholarships are available — apply here. Learn to Program scholarships are co-sponsored by Heroku. We were able to accept all scholarship applicants in the last session, so please tell all of your friends who are thinking about learning to program that they have no excuse!