By Shana Lynch (Assistant Managing Editor, Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal)
Heavy-hitting health venture capitalists and professionals were on hand for the DC to VC: Hit Startup Showcase event, organized by Morgenthaler Ventures. And one startup founder was doing backflips for their attention. Literally.

Maria Ly, co-founder of Skimble, which makes exercise applications for mobile, showed off her product with a backflip. Skimble, based in San Francisco, uses personal trainers to coach work-out exercises, with game-style add-ons to keep it fresh. Ly, a competitive rock climber and computer engineer, demonstrated the app, and when the voice in the machine told her to flip, she did it.

Backflip or not, her company was a particular favorite of the judges.

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Photo credit: Asa Mathat for the Skimble blog