Women 2.0 is proud to partner with Blazing Cloud in San Francisco to offer the Women 2.0 community programming classes:

New Fall 2011 Programming Classes

Efficient Rails Test-Driven Development
October 17 — November 21, 2011 (6:30pm – 9pm) — (6 Mondays)

In this class you will learn how to use a test-first approach for all of your Rails projects.

  • Testing in Ruby and Rails
  • Layers of testing — model, controllers, views
  • When to use which and to what extent
  • Best practices for efficient development
  • How to keep tests maintainable
  • The role of integration testing (Webrat, Cucumber, Selenium)
  • Data dependencies of testing: Factories, Mocks & Stubs, Fixtures
  • Best practices, gotchas to watch out for

The target audience for this class are developers with a working knowledge of Ruby on Rails, either you have built an application or you have worked on team Rails project or you have taken a Blazing Cloud or comparable Rails class.

Learn to Program – Intro to Ruby
September 15 — October 20, 2011 (7pm – 9pm) — (6 Thursdays)

An introductory Ruby class for people who are new to programming or have up to a year of programming experience in another language. We will be using the book “Learn to Program” by Chris Pine and using test-first teaching exercises. The class will meet for 2 hours each week and there will be homework and reading assignments in between the classes. Everyone must bring their own laptop.

Kids are welcome as students! However, if they are 12 or under, they must bring a grown-up.

Brian Jenkins has been programming professionally since 1994, focusing on Ruby since 2008. He is in the process of starting a product business with his wife, Amy, and is currently excited with Sass, Coffeescript, and Fog.

Test First Rails Authentication
August 30, 2011 and September 1, 2011 (7pm – 9pm)

In this focused 2-part class you’ll learn how to leverage the Devise and OmniAuth gems to add powerful third-party user authentication to your Rails applications. Devise is the most comprehensive and up-to-date authentication gem available. OmniAuth adds a simple interface for around 50 different third-party authentication providers, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SalesForce, etc.

This class is targeted at developers familiar with Rails either through working on a Rails project for 3-6 months or more, or through taking a Blazing Cloud (or equivalent) beginning Rails class.

How the Internet Works: A Seminar with Brian Doll
September 13 — October 18, 2011 (6:30pm – 9pm) — (6 Tuesdays)

We read the news online, check our email from our phone and catch up with friends on Facebook. Odds are that your business and your paycheck rely heavily on the internet. Do you ever wonder how it all works? What happens when you click on a link in your browser? What is DNS exactly and why should you care? Do you hear words like ‘cache’ and ‘cookies’ but you’re not sure what they mean? This class will explain the core components of the Internet and the Web and how they fit together. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of how the Internet works, and will gain some cred with the tech nerds down the hall too.


All classes are held at Blazing Cloud’s office in downtown San Francisco, near Union Square (map).

Blazing Cloud applies an innovative teaching approach that is gaining widespread adoption, called Test-First Teaching, where students implement exercises that will cause pre-defined tests to pass. Many senior software engineers in the field find that testing is an effective way to learn a new language or API. This methodology also provides a good introduction to people who are new to testing.