By Gloria W. (Organizer, PyGotham)
With 20+ years experience in embedded systems and app design and development, I am organizing a NYC-based Python conference this September 16-17.

While inviting speakers, I realized that if I truly want diversity in this conference, I need to invite speakers from many areas of tech, not just from the Python community. This has led to a really interesting line-up of invited speakers and topics, while still maintaining a Py-centric core. I invite the Women 2.0 community to attend PyGotham (September 16-17th, 2011 in New York). The sheer number of female invited speakers and skilled female techies is more than enough reason to attend:

  • Dr. Mirkeya Capellan
  • Annina Rust
  • Chrys Wu
  • Julie Steele
  • Debra Williams-Cauley
  • Dr. Hilary Mason
  • Mirabai Knight
  • Andrea O.K.Wright
  • Lukas Blakk
  • Sara Chipps
  • Meghan Gill
  • and more

As a side-effect of reaching out to diverse communities, this led to a higher ratio of female speakers than at most other tech conferences, I am really happy to say.

To further welcome and support diverse attendance, I’ve arranged for a two day “New to Python / New to Programming” course with TAs, babysitting, captioning, and limited crash space for those outside of NYC.

I’ve also arranged for two different contests, one technical, and one non-tech, both offering prizes. I also thought it was important to run this conference as a non-profit effort, to encourage support and attendance.

The sponsors I had chosen are sponsors with which I had worked and/or had a familiarity with their products and practices. I made sure the “Super Sponsors” are companies which will be present to openly share information and answer questions, not to tout their companies or products. 10gen and INetU are my two favorite companies in this respect, both of which I brag about on a regular basis, and I am incredibly proud to have them present at this conference.

Anyone in tech, or considering entering the tech sector can benefit from this conference. There is something for everyone, with talks/classes offered by people varying in skill level and expertise. From publishing, academia, to hobbyists/enthusiasts, web developers, data analysts, and so on, this conference will be diverse and exciting.

For more info and to register for PyGotham, visit

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About the guest blogger: Gloria W. is a Python developer and *NIX systems admin with 20+ years experience in embedded systems and app design and development. Most recently, Gloria is specializing in “from-scratch” software design and development for start-ups in the NYC area.