By Esther Nam (Co-Organizer, PyLadies)
The Los Angeles PyLadies are continuing their summer series of hackathons with a Django-themed day sponsored by Mahalo, in partnership with the LA Django Meetup Group.

The Django web framework is a great way to learn Python while quickly building and deploying a simple and useful web application or two, which is why beginners are highly encouraged to attend.

Participants will begin by going through the Django Tutorial under the
expert tutelage of PyLadies developers. In the afternoon, attendees are encouraged to hack away on their own projects.

As at the previous hackathon in Hollywood, mentors will be available throughout the day to help people on their individual projects and to answer any questions or resolve issues. There will also be a social hour following the event, open to the whole Python community and its extended circles.

Register here for this low-cost Django workshop — includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For more information, email esther @ pyladies dot com.

Visit to learn more about PyLadies initiatives, such as their plan to attend DjangoCon in the fall (for which they are being generously supported by diversity-friendly groups like the Python Software Foundation. We encourage all those who are interested to join the PyLadies mailing list or to check into the #pyladies IRC channel on Freenode.

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About the guest blogger: Esther Nam is a co-organizer of PyLadies, a group of women who use and love the Python programming language. With 7 women leading/organizing events and numerous others offering volunteer time and support, PyLadies is on track for increasing the percentage of females in the Python community to 50%. Esther works as a film archivist in Hollywood. In her spare time, she builds websites using Django. Esther holds a B.A. in Psychology and French Literature from UC Berkeley, and an M.A. in MIAS from UCLA. Follow her on Twitter at @estherbester.