By Sharon Chang (Founder, Yoxi)
What if changing the world could be fun? What if competitions inspired by the style of “American Idol” could yield life-changing results? What if “social entrepreneurship” wasn’t just a “profession” for a select group of people, but also a creative endeavor for everyone to embark on so they may turn ideas into action and inspire others?

Innovate for Good, Starting with Reinventing Fast Food
Yoxi is a creative competition platform to discover rockstars of social innovation. During the summer of 2010, I began building this vision with a small team of passionate creative-thinkers who believed in media’s power to shape social change. We introduced Yoxi last fall with our beta competition: Reinvent Fast Food.

In this competition, 10 teams battled in a 6-week long elimination challenge through 3 rounds of video-making. The winning team garnered seed funding, industry connections for mentorship, and a loyal fan base. Currently, they’re designing an interactive program for communities to influence their local fast food. Take a look at their journey.

Innovate for Good: Fashion, Health, and the World Around You

At Yoxi, we are now turning our attention to fashion. Here is something we didn’t fully grasp until recently: what you wear impacts your health and the world around you. In the nearly $1 trillion clothing industry, waste abounds from the estimated 15-20% of fabric trashed on the cutting room floor, unsustainable sources for materials, massive carbon emissions when transporting products from manufacturing centers, gallons upon gallons of wasted and polluted water during washing and dyeing, as well as wildly excessive packaging, tagging, and storage.

Fashion choices matter to everybody — not just models, magazine and style mavens.

That’s why we’re challenging teams to reduce waste and increase sustainability in creating clothes. How much waste are we talking about? Take a look at this short and sexy video we produced >>

Innovate for Good: The Future

Fortunately, some solutions are being unveiled, and the debate is heating up. The recent heritage trend emphasizes the virtues of timelessness and quality. Higher-end designers increasingly feature sustainable looks on the runway. Even some fast-fashion chains are turning the heads of stylists and celebrities with outfits that are both inexpensive and easier on the environment. Still, there is so much more to be done.

So, how about you? Can you develop the winning solution? A new product, innovative business, mobile app, program for schools or communities?

Yoxi gets you started on your project, whatever it becomes.

We’d love for you to build a team of three and sign up to compete. Beyond the allure of the prize money (up to $40,000), Yoxi is an amazingly fun, creative and educational experience.

Email us at if you have any questions. Can’t find teammates? Unsure of your video skills? We’ve heard these issues before and, believe me, they are not going to stop you!

By the way, Yoxi tackles a wide range of social issues. Whatever your interest, there’s something for you at Yoxi –- as long as you care about changing the world in a fun, provocative and inspiring way. Stay tuned for what’s coming next.

About the guest blogger: Sharon Chang is the Founder of Yoxi and former Chief Creative Officer of 19 Entertainment (American Idol). Yoxi uses a blend of reality TV formats and social networking techniques to uncover “social innovation rockstars” who can drive and inspire positive social change. Sharon is also an award-winning creative director, brand strategist, animal-lover, travel addict, and philanthropist. Follow her on Twitter at @sharonchang and her startup at @yoxi_play.