By Angie Chang and Shaherose Charania (Co-Founders, Women 2.0)
This week, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. That’s good news because a venture capital team with a woman invests in more female-founded startups than venture capital teams without a woman as partner.

Here are 5 female angels and investors to watch this year:

Ann Miura-Ko — “There aren’t as many female entrepreneurs playing the game, so you don’t see them as often. People ask me, Are there really awesome female entrepreneurs out there? Yes we have a ton of them in our portfolio.”1 Follow her on Twitter at @annimaniac.

Christina Brodbeck — “Wishful thinking and arguing about female founders, entrepreneurs or gender roles is overriding recognition of the powerful role that the female consumer is already playing in technology.”2 Follow her on Twitter at @jellyfishbloom.

Cindy Padnos — “I strongly recommend entrepreneurs interview, screen and reference their investors in the same way investors are doing with them. Call not just the entrepreneurs whose boards they currently sit on, but those who failed.”3 Follow her on Twitter at @IlluminateVC.

Jenny Fielding — “Entrepreneur, investor, lawyer, tech geek, yogi, global nomad…”4 Since the sale of her VoIP company, Jenny provides advisory services to early stage emerging growth technology companies, focusing on business development, strategic partnerships and strategy.

Marya Stark — “These ideas made me think about the wide world of products and services that have not yet been dreamed up because women aren’t around to have their unique ‘a-ha’ moments. Times are a-changing.”5 Follow her on Twitter at @maryastark.

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