This is a guest post by Shaherose Charania (Co-Founder & CEO, Women 2.0)
I’m bootstrapping, aren’t you? Women 2.0 is excited to launch the first Women 2.0 Founders Card, in full partnership with, of course, FoundersCard! If you are a founder of a tech startup, this one is for you!

I’ve had my card for a while and saving feels so good when you are bootstrapping. A shrunken mobile phone bill (yes, please), cheaper flights on virgin (free wifi!) discounts with some of our favorite community partners including: NextSpace, ParisSoma, TaskRabbit and startup events. Honestly, us founders work so hard, sacrifice some of our pleasures in life and forget we deserve a break. Ok, so I’m hoping FoundersCard eventually brings me a state of zen, at a discount of course!

I had the chance to meet Eric Kuhn a few months back and as we talked I saw so many synergies with the work of FoundersCard and the plans we have been making for a Women 2.0 Founder Membership. Like a good entrepreneur I recognized FoundersCard as a synergy and an opportunity for efficiency. Why replicate an offering when there was a startup that specialized in this service? Seemed like a natural fit. Startup Community meet Startup Membership network!

We have various communities within the umbrella of Women 2.0, and they include aspiring entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Each of these communities have unique needs. At the moment our core focus is to support aspiring entrepreneurs, find teams and launch their ideas, this focus is addressed with Founder Labs and Founder Friday initiatives.

As we grow women 2.0 we want to support the ever expanding community of active Founders and their entire founding team. Our first foray to help you and your startup is with this Women 2.0 Founders Card! We have greater things planned, but in good startup fashion, these are iterative launches to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Learn more about getting your Women 2.0 FoundersCard here!