SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (November 4, 2010) — Women 2.0 PITCH Night brought the finalists of the Women 2.0 Startup Competition onstage to compete for top prize at the high-energy event attended by 300 entrepreneurs, investors and startup enthusiasts.
We at Women 2.0 never cease to be amazed by the range of startup pitches at PITCH Night. They’re not like Facebook (in a good way) – these ideas are different, the teams are different, the reach is different. By the end of PITCH Night, winners had been announced: Apply in the Sky to manage your b-school applications, mobile infrastructure of “top ups” to transfer money between consumers at Prepay Nation, and last but not least, BioLumber plastic that is as strong as steel but as light as lumber, saving the world from the plastic vortex!

Each year PITCH reminds us a few things:

  • Innovation is everywhere — Submissions for this year’s 4th annual Women 2.0 Startup Competition came in from 78 cities in 12 countries — Not just in the Internet cafes of Silicon Valley!
  • Female founders are innovating — We get more submissions for PITCH each year!
  • Women 2.0 PITCH Director Aihui Ong, who is also the Founder & CEO of Love With Food has overseen four years of PITCH Competitions remarks, “All it takes is passion to solve a small problem — to germinate and bloom into an innovative business.”

Women 2.0 CEO Shaherose Charania talks about the winners of PITCH Night on TechCrunch here.

Special thanks to Pokin Yeung and Julie Blaustein for photographing Women 2.0 PITCH Night 2010.