Everyone has to eat, so why not share a meal and startup stories? Women 2.0 is holding a Founder Friday before NYC Startup Weekend.
Meet fellow startup founders in NYC (both aspiring and current) for drinks and networking on Friday, November 12. Then we will walk over to Startup Weekend together.

Join Women 2.0 Founder Friday on November 12 in NYC!

Tal Flanchraych (Cabulous Co-Founder & PlumWillow Product Manager) will be your host for Founder Friday in NYC on Friday, November 12 @ 5pm.

Join fellow founders (both current and aspiring) over appetizers and drinks. Please RSVP for NYC Founder Friday on November 12, here.

After Founder Friday, we will walk over to NYC Startup Weekend, the 54-hour hackathon event happening November 12-14, 2010 at Tipping Point Partners’ office nearby.

Want to hold a Founder Friday in your city?

If a Startup Weekend is not being held in your city, you may host an independent Founder Friday event. Please note that we are more likely to host a Founder Friday in your city sooner if a Startup Weekend is coming up. Founder Friday leads must be approved by Women 2.0 before hosting the event. Fill out the form here if you are interested in hosting a Founder Friday in your city!