In anticipation of the Women 2.0 event Social Gaming 101 for Fun and Profit on April 15, here are 6 women-founded social gaming startups to watch:
Amy Jo Kim (Co-Founder & CEO, Shufflebrain)
Shufflebrain builds smart games for a connected world. They’ve helped design games including Bejewelled 2, The Sims, and Rock Band. Follow Amy Jo on Twitter!
Emily Greer (Co-Founder & VP of Marketing & Finance, Kongregate)
Kongregate has thousands of free Flash games you can play online. Kongregate also allows users to upload games created in Adobe Flash or Director. Follow Emily on Twitter!
Shanna Tellerman (Founder & CEO, Wild Pockets)
Wild Pockets is building the next generation platform, designed for independent game developers. Follow Shanna on Twitter!
Sue Zann Toh (Co-Founder & CFO, TheBroth)
The Broth is the social game company that makes popular Facebook games, like Barn Buddy. Read Sue Zann’s blog!
Susan Wu (Co-Founder & CEO, Ohai)
Ohai builds massively multiplayer games for everyone. Ohai’s first game is the world’s first major MMO set in the dark world of modern vampires. Follow Susan on Twitter!
Terry Redfield (Founder & CEO, Real Life Plus)
Real Life Plus is creating a virtual world that is fun, immersive, and simple to use. Follow Real Life Plus on Twitter!

Do you know more female founders of social gaming startups? Let us know in the comments below.