Women 2.0 members receive a 15% discount using code “WOMEN2” for Green:Net by Earth2Tech on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 at Golden Gate Club in San Francisco.
Two of the biggest challenges facing our society — economy and climate change — are so intertwined that it is virtually impossible to solve one problem without fixing the other. These challenges also offer opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs, technologists and investors. Brought to you by The GigaOM Network’s cleantech site Earth2Tech, Green:Net is the first green conference for the Internet Technology industry and provides a specific point of view on how the computing and Internet revolutions will provide the tools needed to fight climate change.

Hear some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names talk about where they see opportunity in this new green economy. Speakers include:

» Bob Metcalfe (Founder 3Com, Ethernet Inventor, Partner at Polaris Ventures)
» Rob Bernard (Chief Environment Strategist, Microsoft)
» Dr. Albert Esser (VP Data Center Infrastructure Group, Dell)
» Rich Lechner (VP Energy and Environment, IBM)
» Rob Aldrich (Principle, Energy Efficient Solutions, Cisco)
» Rolf Schreiber (RechargeIT, Google)
» Dara O’Rourke (CEO, GoodGuide)
» Full list of speakers here

Topics explored:

» Energy Efficient Data Centers: Save Money and the Planet
» Software Tools for Measuring Impact and Managing Risk
» The New Networked Car
» Power Grid 2.0: Understanding the Smart Grid
» Leveraging the Social Web for Green Activism — Profitably
» Dotcom Investors Turn to Cleantech