Women 2.0 partnered with Girls in Tech to experience the inner-workings of a television newsroom with CBS 5 News Anchorwoman Sue Kwon on Monday, December 3rd, 2007. Sue took a group of women from the two organizations on a tour of the CBS studio to see how stories are selected, who makes decisions, and how a story makes air – from manager meetings to crunch editing before show deadlines. She led the women in small groups into the control room to see a portion of the live broadcast and the anchors at work.

Sue demonstrated her passion for helping businesswomen and startups get their products, services, and stories heard. She spent more than an hour giving us the low-down on how a reporter thinks and selects her stories, leading exercises on the correct way to pitch – or as she demonstrated many times, spin – a story to the media. Sue focused on questions such as: what the newsroom looks for in a story, what captures their attention, what’s the wrong way to approach a reporter, how to give a sound bite, and of course, what NOT to do if you want your story to get into the news!

In the end, everyone exchanged business cards and information. After all, that’s what these events are all about, right? Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow about our holiday party!