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  1. seriesacrunch
    by Angie Chang

    The Series A Crunch: Should Female Founders Worry?

    The startup world is chattering about the increasingly narrow path from angel to VC funding. How will the crunch affect women-led companies?

    By Jessica Stillman (Contributing Writer, Women 2.0)

    Whether you respond to them with concerned hand-wringing or something like Darwinian glee, here are the facts.

    # Deals 2009 2010 2011 2012 YTD
    Seed/Angel 472 770 1,064 1,747
    Series A 418 515 703 688
  2. 10mostactivevcs
    by Angie Chang

    What Startups And Where Venture Capitalists Have Funded In 2011

    By Grace Nasri (Managing Editor, FindTheBest)

    Venture capital funding hasn’t hit the peaks of early 2000 but is going strong, particularly in Silicon Valley and for software companies. Analysis of venture funding from a variety of data sources revealed some interesting facts about last quarter’s deal flow.

    Last quarter, venture capital firms invested $6.95 billion into 876 deals, averaging $7.9 million per deal, with the vast majority of funding funneling out of Silicon Valley in the form of expansion and later-stage investments in the software and biotech industries.

  3. Seed-Money
    by Angie Chang

    Seed Funding: The Debt Versus Equity Debate Continues

    By Tina Baker (Contributing Writer, Forbes)

    Early stage funding for startups is getting complicated. In the past several years, many companies have raised initial seed funding through convertible loans instead of selling shares. In this type of funding, the loan, together with interest, automatically converts into the shares a company sells in its next funding round at a discount (ranges are between 10% and 30%) and there may be specific limitations on the size of that funding.

    The primary reasons for their popularity are that using the note structure postpones a valuation discussion and