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    by women20

    Female Founder Series: An Interview with Abigail Edgecliff-Johnson of RaceYa

    What were some of the factors that led you to become an entrepreneur? How has your past experience gotten you to where you are now?
    Getting a PhD is oddly good preparation for entrepreneurship. You have to have a great deal of self discipline and motivation to finish working on a project. You spend most of every day entirely alone with your work. No one but you is going to get it done. You have zero chance of getting rich so you’d better be motivated by something else. You do it because you needed an answer to a question that no one else even thought to ask.
    Of course, as an entrepreneur, it doesn’t hurt that I am often convinced of the value of what I’m doing.  But as an anthropologist I can also understand why people see the world differently than I do. That empathy is a real asset when building products.

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    by women20

    The Internet of Things and What it Means for Female Culture

    By Trisha Miller

    There are a few niches within the internet of things (IOT) that are undoubtedly geared towards

    women. Some of these are supremely successful industries worldwide. I’d like to take an

    unbiased look at just a few areas and determine if their wealth is well-deserved or promoting

    gender inequality. Hopefully, you can draw your own conclusions about what kind of good or

    harm the IOT is doing for our culture.

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    by women20

    7 Tips for Building Tech Without Building Tech

    By Ellie Cachette

    As one of several experts in product building I am often pitched ideas–app ideas, business ideas, startup ideas, “ It’s like the uber of XYZ!” Oddly enough some of the best and most disruptive app ideas I’ve heard are from non-technical people. One of the biggest complaints I hear is how people wish they were “more technical” or “knew how to program” but the truth is 70% of an idea can be fleshed out before any coding even happens. Sometimes if you have easy access to engineers (or code yourself) you may find that hours get lost building when there wasn’t a solid plan to begin with. While the concept of “build fast, fail faster” seems reasonable to most startups, why not just figure out the tech before making tech? Why not test demand and features before any coding takes place? (see also 5 Trends to Consider with App Ideas)

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    by women20

    Unconscious Gender Bias: We Are All Guilty

    By AJ Ratani

    “Don’t be such a drama queen.”  

    “Would you man up?”

    “In this office, it’s every man for himself.”

    All pretty innocent expressions, wouldn’t you think?  In fact, I can probably bet that each and every one of us has used these words and phrases at some point—as well as others—both in our professional and personal lives.  After all, there isn’t anything offensive or off-color here, right?

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    by women20

    3 Ways a Consultant Can Change Your Approach to Business

    Launching a startup isn’t for the weak of stomach. Many startups celebrate their lax (or nonexistent) dress codes and their daily ping-pong rituals, but that’s a decoy; new enterprises face countless struggles, from founders without CEO experience to funding issues to growth that’s too fast — or, often, not fast enough.

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    by Kate

    Planet of the Apps wants you (deadline Sept 21st)

    PLANET OF THE APPS – Now Accepting Pitches (DEADLINE Sept 21st)
    The Apple-produced show PLANET OF THE APPS, featuring judges, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Alba, is accepting pitches…. and they’ve reached out to us to make sure they have plenty of Female Founders to choose from.

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    by Kate

    Looking Ahead for Women 2.0

    Today is exciting for so many reasons, I hope you’ll let me share some of that excitement with you as Women 2.0 enters its next phase of growth.