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    by Angie Chang

    Perfecting The Startup Pitch – On National Public Radio

    Only 1% of high-tech startups in Silicon Valley are run by African-Americans. The number of women is less than 10%. The NewME minority accelerator is trying to change the face of the industry by encouraging, mentoring and training women and minorities to test their ideas in the high-tech and VC world.

    By Rachel Brooks (Co-Founder, Citizen Made)

    Part of the mystique of being a founder is having the ability to execute on a vision. You see the potential in an idea, and are relentless about making it happen. Sure, there are failures along the way, but many times we don’t hear about those.

    This morning, 13 million people listened to me stumble on NPR through one my most agonizing startup failures to date. How was your morning?

    While the story became full circle, and I ultimately

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    by Angie Chang

    Seeking Female Founders Of Mobile Tech Startups

    By Laura Sydell (Digital Culture Correspondent, National Public Radio)

    Bill Reichert, a partner in Garage Technology Ventures, says another reason is that a lot of the female entrepreneurs he sees don’t have the computer science background.

    “We tend to invest in companies that have very strong core technical teams, and … that population is disproportionately male,” Reichert says.

    But starting an Internet company isn’t as technically difficult as it used to be.

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    by Managing Editor

    NPR Morning Edition Addresses Shortage of Women in Tech

    By Wendy Kaufman (Correspondant, NPR)

    Editor’s note: Listen to the story on NPR’s Morning Edition here.

    This week, thousands of women gathered in Portland, Ore., for the Grace Hopper Celebration, the world’s largest technical conference for women and computing. High-tech companies are hiring, but there aren’t nearly enough women to meet the demand.

    It’s no secret that beginning in middle school, young women often lose interest in math and science. So it’s not surprising that relatively few women sign up for computer courses in college.