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  1. aleksa
    by Angie Chang

    Mexican Female Illustrator Aleksa Delsol Leads Booming Mobile-Education Market With Yogome

    Aleksa Delsol is the lead illustrator at Yogome, a Mexico-based startup and iOS gaming company to help kids globally learn through play.

    By Erin Swanson (Director of Digital, The Way Women Work)

    Education for kids is going mobile, and it’s booming.

    We recently caught up with Aleksa Delsol, the lead illustrator at Yogome, a Mexico-based startup and iOS gaming company harnessing the power of tech and design to help 21st century kids learn by simply having a lot of fun.

  2. elena_russia
    by Angie Chang

    Young Russian Female Entrepreneur Takes on Tech

    Nearly two years ago, Elena sold her startup Darberry to Groupon after only six months of operation.

    By Erin Kay Swanson (Director of Digital, The Way Women Work)

    With all of her startups, she has frequently done four main things: 1) Look at current social, tech and gaming trends, 2) Observe and take note of successful business models in other parts of the world (in her mind, there was no reason why these couldn’t work in Russia too), 3) Work hard to make it happen, and 4) Adapt, adapt, adapt.

    Now in her late 20?s, entrepreneur Elena Masolova has an already impressive track record of career success. In 2009, she founded Pixonic, a game developer and publisher for social networks worldwide (think Zynga, and games like Farmville).

  3. RSLogo 3 v3
    by Angie Chang

    Building a Team for Social Gaming Startup Red Seraphim

    By Natasha Wallace (Co-Founder & Art Director, Red Seraphim)

    In my role as an art director in a small social gaming startup called Red Seraphim, I am faced with two large tasks: driving the artistic feel for our first title, and forming the team that realizes that vision. As we approach our game’s launch date, the latter has become more pressing, if not a bit urgent.

    I imagine that many entrepreneurs are facing the same issue as they meet their production milestones, and that they ultimately wonder if they will compromise quality of product for a more diluted workforce. While my artistic acumen was gained mainly