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    by Angie Chang

    Gender In Tech: No Longer A Silent Issue

    Ellen Pao’s lawsuit allows our community to discuss these “women in tech” issues as real problems.

    By Cristina Cordova (Business Development, Pulse)

    TechCrunch reported that Kleiner Perkins Partner Ellen Pao sued her firm for gender and sexual discrimination. A friend immediately told me “Well that’s career suicide” and I can’t say I didn’t think the same thing. While few can comment on whether the allegations are true, this news does highlight some of the reactions the media and tech community have had to gender issues in the past.

    Over the past few months, many have been engrossed in the Valley gender gossip on “brogrammer culture”, sexist comments at tech panels and the general lack of women in tech. Many

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    by Managing Editor

    To Solve The “Woman Problem”, End Your Stereotypes Of Women

    By Cristina Cordova (Business Development, Pulse)

    What is this? Mad Men?

    Penelope Trunk wrote another ridiculously egregious article on VentureBeat about the “Woman Problem” in tech startups. She’s written similar posts on Techcrunch before like Women Don’t Want to Run Tech Startups Because They’d Rather Have Children and Why Diversity is Bad for Startups.

    I’ve always wholeheartedly disagreed with her remarks about women in technology, but she’s continued to push her views as guest posts on several of the blogs I read.