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    by Becky Cruze

    Takeaways from Y Combinator’s Female Founders Conference 2015

    Get bragging, work hard and think honey badger. Discover what else entrepreneurs discovered at this year’s Y Combinator Female Founders Conference.

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    by Angie Chang

    Girls, Repeat After Me: "I’m Great"

    Editor’s note: Joy will be a judge at the Women 2.0 Conference on February 14, evaluating the 10 women-led startups pitching live onstage for PITCH SF Startup Competition!

    By Joy Marcus (Partner, DFJ Gotham Ventures)

    Recently, my 12 year old daughter suffered her first real crisis of confidence. She did badly on a math test (usually an easy A for her). She found out just as she was going to take another test which affected her score on the subsequent test. Not a great sequence of events.

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    by Angie Chang

    Do You Sabotage Your Own Success?

    You are scared because you want it. You are scared because you know you have the chance to be amazing. You are scared because it means something to you. This is your brain weighing risk and reward. Take the reward.

    By Kelly Studer (Career Stylist, Kelly Studer Consulting)

    Not that long ago, I was lined up to speak on a panel to 100+ people when the organizer called and asked me if I’d be willing to give the keynote speech. They came to me with this request only 8 days before the event, so I assumed they were only asking me