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    by Angie Chang

    6 Women Entrepreneurs Starting Startups To Improve Your Health

    Technology has enabled a new wave of healthcare startups.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    The healthcare industry is overdue for improvement, from tracking expenses to mobilizing health-minded services with new technology. Health startups are being incubated and accelerated by organizations like Rock Health and Startup Health. In fact, PITCH SF 2013 Startup Competition finalist Wendy Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of HealthyOut, is being incubated by Blueprint Health in New York this winter/spring.

  2. HealthyOut
    by Angie Chang

    4 Tips For Starting A Startup

    Pick a problem/space and not an idea. Startups are hard (very hard) and it is very likely that during the process of executing your idea, you will need to change course.

    By Wendy Nguyen (CEO & Co-Founder, HealthyOut)

    Entrepreneurship can feel like an illusion. Here in the Bay Area, we are inundated by the fables of entrepreneurs and the opportunity to create something feels so acutely accessible but at the same time slightly out of our personal reach.

  3. business-plan-in-trash
    by Angie Chang

    "I’m On A Boat!" – The Rising Fleet Of Startup Incubators

    What’s next after a boat? With a goat? On a plane? On a train? In a tree? Seems like a lot of incubators if you ask me.

    By Lisa Suennen (Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Psilos Group)

    I was hanging out with Tom Rodgers of Cambia Health the other day and we were discussing the seemingly unrelenting trend of the formation of new technology incubators and accelerators, designed to help catapult the weird and wonderful ideas of entrepreneurs into actionable companies.

  4. health-care-startup-tech-industry
    by Angie Chang

    Starting A Women-Led Healthcare Or Life Science Startup?

    By Joshua Henderson (Director of Programming, Springboard Enterprises)

    Several weeks ago, I wrote about resources available to high-growth, women-led companies.

    Besides missing a few important organizations like SmartGirlsWay, NewME Accelerator, Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs, BlogHer Entrepreneurs and ACTiVATE, I said that we wanted to partner with non women-focused groups/events to champion more women through the funnel from idea to startup to exit.

    So when I saw that six companies in the latest TechStars NY batch are led by women, including Springboard