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  1. HackDay3
    by Angie Chang

    A Designer Goes To Photo Hack Day 3

    Overall, I really enjoyed my first experience at a hackathon and won’t hesitate to go to another one.

    By Samihah Azim (Lead Product Manager & Designer, BizeeBee)

    This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous in San Francisco – a real treat. However I stayed indoors all weekend at Dropbox’s headquarters for the Photo Hack Day hackathon sponsored by Aviary, Facebook, Tumblr, Sincerely, Samsung and Walgreens.

    Numerous companies gave us access and support to their APIs – and also some pretty sweet prizes. My favorites were Flickr‘s first place prize and 500px third place prizes for best use of their API’s.

    This was the first hackathon I’d been to so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t expect as many women as there were.

  2. 8370785956_dc0b54ce9f_z
    by Angie Chang

    How To Build Prototypes Without Technical Chops

    The best part about prototyping with paper, Post-Its, and PowerPoint, was that not a single line of code had to be written, yet I get feedback for my minimal viable product.

    By Andrea Lo (Founder, Piggybackr)

    The purpose of a prototype is to cut down on the time spent building out a product so you can focus on figuring out what people want.

    Having a prototype from day one gives you authentic user feedback – because you are able to immediately

  3. TheDesignersToolkit-title
    by Angie Chang

    Favorite Apps Of Designers, Creative Professionals (Infographic)

    By Steph Palmeri (Senior Associate, SoftTech VC)

    My friends at Best Vendor pulled together data from 180 design and creative professionals on their site to see what tools dominate and unearth some hidden gems and rising stars.

    One observation from their post:

    Designers’ powerhouse tools like the Adobe Suite remain on the desktop, but more than half of their favorite apps are in the cloud.