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    by Angie Chang

    AT&T Global Supplier Diversity Providing 10 Women 2.0 Conference Passes To Women Entrepreneurs

    Apply for a meeting with AT&T – ten women entrepreneurs will be selected and awarded free Women 2.0 Conference passes to attend the conference and meet with AT&T leadership.

    By Sepideh Nasiri (Vice President of All Things Offline, Women 2.0)

    We are happy to announce AT&T’s Supplier Diversity becoming a part of the Women 2.0 Conference on February 14 in San Francisco!

    AT&T is the largest communications provider in the world seeking to accelerate the pace of innovation. The AT&T Supplier Diversity procurement team is looking for innovative women to attend the Women 2.0 Conference on February 14, 2013 who can take AT&T to the next level in key strategic growth areas:

    • Application Development
    • Cloud Services
    • Digital Home
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    by Angie Chang

    Story Of The Hackfest – Bacon Unicorn!

    During the hackathon, we’re constantly evaluating whether “it’s worth it” on any given problem.

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    The AT&T Hackfest was in Palo Alto. Sleepy, beautiful, affluent, diverse and yet economically not-diverse, Palo Alto, at the AT&T Foundry, a neat space with lots of power, sunlight, and (oddly, but great) random doors onto the street. I kind of love that place.

    We slowly formed a team – my teammate from other hackathons, Stacie Hibino, and Estelle Weyl, whom I’d admired her from a JavaScript class a few months ago, and Stacie had worked with her at another hackfest. Two friends joined and left, graphic designers lured elsewhere. A friend Kris was with us the first day.

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    by Angie Chang

    From Hackathon To Market: New App Teaches Chinese Calligraphy

    Watch the video for Chiu-Ki’s developer story of starting up Monkey Write at a hackathon.

    By Chiu-Ki Chan (Founder & Developer, Monkey Write)

    AT&T recently interviewed me on how I built Monkey Write from a hackathon prototype to a full business. This got me thinking about the wonderful adventure I’ve been having in the past few months.

    When I left Google to go to startups, I did so because I wanted to grow beyond coding, to get a holistic understanding of how products are built. Great products need more than just technology. What is the secret sauce? It took me a year and a half as a startup employee to realize the truth – there is no secret sauce.

    There are theories and conjectures, but the only way