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  1. jet_tokamak
    by Angie Chang

    Interview with a Plasma Physics Ph.D Dropout Turned Energy Entrepreneur: “Physics is Like a Bootcamp for Your Mind”

    By Danielle Fong (Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Lightsail Energy)

    One month ago, I was interviewed by Jane Affleck as a profile piece for my Alma Mater, Dalhousie University.

    Interviewer: You “started” a PhD at Princeton… why did you stop? Was it boring? Did you feel driven to just do your own thing?

    Danielle Fong: I was more temperamentally suited towards my own thing -– though that was only part of it. I entered a program in Plasma Physics to focus on fusion energy –- the process that powers the sun. I thought that with a few good ideas, we could