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  1. AngelHack
    by Jessica Schimm

    How to Win a Hackathon (Even If You Don’t)

    Hackathons are air-and-light deprived environments, where time and space are continually closing in. I can’t overstate the effect that having a great team had on my psyche.

    By Anne Gordon (Founder, Kinderloop)

    I am not your typical hackathon attendee. I am a woman, over 30, with kids, and not even two months ago, I was a criminal lawyer. Yes, I felt a bit out of place at a two-day festival of booze, computers, and testosterone. But I knew that as a non-technical startup founder, a win at a hackathon would give my nascent kid-tech company some credibility. I knew I’d need 1) a great team, and 2) support from some big players to make it to the grand prize: entrance to the AngelHack startup accelerator.

  2. hearstfashion4
    by Angie Chang

    Fashion Hackathons: The Good, Bad And Ugly

    I was disappointed to see a marked lack of diversity on the judging panel – a shame in any industry, but particularly troublesome at an event focused on fashion & beauty. Let’s do our best not to take this negative trend from tech in general along with us into fashion tech.

    By Liza Kindred (Founder & CEO, Third Wave Fashion)

    Since the beginning of the month, two fashion hackathons have taken place here in New York City: this past weekend was Hearst Fashion Hack, organized by Hearst and

  3. AngelHack
    by Angie Chang

    Partner Event: AngelHack (June 23-24 In Palo Alto)

    AngelHack Summer 2012 will be happening the weekend of June 23-24, 2012 in Palo Alto, CA. Mark your calendars – this is guarenteed to be one of the best hackathons you’ve ever been to with hundreds of amazing developers & designers for you to work with; immediate attention and opportunity for your project to get taken to the next level; over $100,000 of incredible prizes including $50k in angel funding.

    Wondering what to build? Unlock the potential to improve peoples lives. Hacks that people would use, laugh at, and potentially scale. For more info and to register, click here.