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    by Angie Chang

    XX In Health: Where Are The Women Decision-Makers And Leaders?

    “We’re providing a disservice to the economy by not catalyzing and supporting the economy of women that are out there.” – Lesa Michell, Kauffman Foundation

    By Blake Landau (Blogger, Artemis)

    There are 150 million women in the United States, roughly 55% of the population. Considering that there are more women in the U.S. than men, it is curious that the individuals largely making the decisions about women’s bodies are not women.

    Women compose a tiny slice of the top in healthcare. Women account for only 4% of healthcare organization CEOs and 18% of hospital CEOs. However women also account for 73% of medical and health services managers.

    So where is the female executive influence in healthcare? Where are the female innovators and entrepreneurs in healthcare?