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Juleah Szopo Jessica Bechtel Ruchi Kumar Anusha Sthanunathan Rachel LaConti Claire Schlafly
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Past Speakers

***January 8, 2015***

Shelli Nelson, President, Think IT Chicago

***November 6, 2014***

Riana Lynn, Founder, FoodTrace

Sarah Doherty, CTO, TeleHealthRobotics L.L.C.

***October 2, 2014***

Kristi Kimbell, CEO and Co-Founder, Vyzion, LLC

Coco Meers, Founder of PrettyQuick

***September 4, 2014***

Marcy Capron, CEO & Partner of Polymathic LLC

Lina Pakrosnyte, Co-Founder & CEO of Urban Leash

***August 7, 2014***

Sonali Lamba, Co-Founder of Brideside

Alexandria Batdorf, CMO at ZipFit Inc. ***July 10, 2014***

Mana Ionescu, Founder and President, Lightspan Digital

Mary Bonomo, CEO and Founder, 14th & Boom

***May 1, 2014***

Jill Salzman, Founder, Founding Moms, Co-Founder, the Founding Kit

Dima Elissa, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, ProofX

Betsy Mikel, Editor, Women 2.0

***April 3, 2014***

Sharon Schneider, Co-Founder and CEO of MoxieJeans.com

Sarah Doherty, CTO of TeleHealthNow

Image credit: Lissandra Melo / Shutterstock.com