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Featured City of the Month: London

Featured City for April 2014: Chicago

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What is City Meetup?

City Meetup is Women 2.0’s signature networking event held on first Thursdays of every month. The event is hosted in over 20 cities globally with the mission to connect, inspire and advance authentic relationships in the tech ecosystem.

Formerly known as Founder Fridays, we are an inclusive community, inviting not only to founders, but also executives, investors, engineers and creative innovators in the tech ecosystem. While our events are predominantly women focused, most Women 2.0 City Meetup attract a mix of both men and women.


New to City Meetup? Wondering what happens during our events below is a sample agenda for many of our events.

6:30 Networking and check in
7:00 Intro by Women 2.0 Local City Team member
7:10 Speaker for event (Founder, CxO, Investor)
7:20 Q&A with Speaker with audience
7:30 Icebreaker – Give+Get
7:40-8:30 Open networking

Contribute to Women 2.0 City Meetups

1. Join the Team
2. Send us Speaker Suggestions
3. Send us feedback at [email protected]


Who attends?
Formerly known as Founder Fridays, we are an inclusive community for anyone working, innovating, or investing in technology. City Meetup attracts a mix of both men and women.

What happens at City Meetup?
We start off with some open networking, then have a speaker share personal insights, lessons and stories we can all learn from for 10 minutes. The speaker is usually a technology company founder, executive or investor. Following this we move into more open networking.

Why should I come?
Further yourself! Make new connections with like minded individuals, learn something new, be inspired. Collaborate, join, start or fund something new, great things happen when you put smart achieving people in one room!

Where can you find a City Meetup?
Austin, Barcelona (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia), Boston, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Chicago, Crystal City, Detroit, DublinLas Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Oakland, Madrid (Spain), Mexico City (Mexico), New York City, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Santiago (Chile), Seattle, Silicon Valley, St. Louis, TorontoTulsa and Vancouver (Canada)

I’m a guy. Can I go to a City Meetup?
City Meetups are open to both men and women, as are all Women 2.0 events.

Is there an age limit at these events?
Yes, all events are only for 21+. We are looking at starting events at colleges/universities in Fall 2014. If interested please contact [email protected]

I don’t see a City Meetup in my city. How do I get a City Meetup in my city?
We are always looking to expand to new cities! City Meetup events are run by the Women 2.0 core team and dedicated groups of volunteers in each city. If you are interested in having a City Meetup in your city, contact [email protected]