Predict the Future: Building Financial Models from the Beginning

Approaches to translating your thoughts into numbers.

Let’s go behind the curtain of the vague hockey-stick projections used in VC pitches and learn how to think strategically about your business for the next 3-5 years.

This is not a technical workshop, it’s a thinking bootcamp training you to talk about your business through numbers and understand where they came from. You’ll walk away with a foundation for confidently translating your financial projections to investors and skills to develop your own projections in the future. 

During our two hours together, we will go through three hands-on exercises in small groups where you will be in the driver’s seat, putting together your revenue projections, hiring plan & cost projections, and other overhead. We’ll come back together to discuss as a larger group, and learn how to start putting the pieces together. No Excel will be used or shown in this course – this is about deepening your understanding, not getting to the right answer. 

The workshop also includes an optional and free 25-minute session with Natalie to answer any follow-up questions or discuss anything else you’d like. You’ll also be given the opportunity to share contact information with other attendees to further your learning after the course.


DATE: December 8th
TIME: 2-4p ET / 11-12p PT
PRICE: $25

Note: Each of our Workshops include compensating our wonderful experts for their deep knowledge and their time.

Predict the Future Workshop

About the Expert.

Hi, I’m Natalie. I have a passion for supporting founders & business owners on their journey. I support businesses in unlocking their potential by building strong operational and financial strategies. I offer consulting services, business coaching, and trainings.

I started Copper8 Strategies, LLC in 2018 working with tech start-ups doing market research, financial modeling, and venture funding preparation. Now, I’m eager to expand my offerings to small businesses and non-profit organizations focusing on developing financial and operation strategies. Prior to founding Copper8, I spent five and half years at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in grant-making, focusing on tech investments within K-12 & higher education, then spent time in the corporate world as a finance manager at Starbucks.

I hold Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington Foster School of Business with a focus on entrepreneurial finance and venture capital.  I climbed my way out of the 2008 financial crisis by working in the real estate industry and professional services, producing professional development courses around the world.