Women 2.0, Working Bravely

Gender and sexual discrimination in the workplace is a difficult issue to tackle as an employee. And sometimes the channels available to handle incidents are under-functioning or simply not available.

We’ve teamed up with Bravely to provide access to professional coaches outside your workplace. Each session with a “People” professional is a first step – preparing you for tough conversations with bosses, colleagues, team leaders or HR.

As we prepare to launch, we’d like to invite those of you in companies of under 100 employees to sign up for first access when we open our doors. Please fill out the form below!

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About Bravely

Bravely connects employees with professional coaches outside of their workplace to encourage better conversations and healthier organizations. The platform makes it easy to schedule on-demand sessions during moments of stress, helping them prepare for future dialogue with their colleagues, managers, direct reports or HR teams. The result: productivity increases, talent attrition decreases, and organizations are healthier overall.