Webinar: Investing overview and new models that could drastically change the ratio

Have you thought about investing in some of the amazing startups out there, but haven’t had the opportunity to learn how or get started?

According to CNN, “We all have regrets in life…But when it comes to women, there’s one point of remorse that seems to trump all others: not investing more. In fact, 41% of females identify this as their single greatest financial regret. Now, if you’re an older woman who lost out on years of returns by not investing, you may have, unfortunately, already sealed your own fate to some degree. If you’re younger, however, you have a real opportunity to do better.” 

Join Women 2.0 preferred partner Portfolia Funds for an investing overview, including innovative new models geared towards how women today want to invest! See how you can shift the world by backing the companies you believe in, realize healthy returns, and learn to invest and improve women’s health.


Date: August 29th
Time: 2pm EST, 11am PST

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About Our Presenter:

Portfolia is an investing community and a family of venture investing funds. We let you invest annually in ‘portfolias’​ of 6-9 high-potential private companies in your areas of expertise and interest, with one investment. Portfolia funds provide an investing experience that is transparent, collaborative, educational and enjoyable. Funds are in both consumer and enterprise areas, with joint goals of providing a competitive return and backing companies we want in the marketplace. When you green-light the companies you want in the marketplace — and use your networks and expertise to add to their success — you create the world you want.


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