Why Female Wealth is Undertapped


How much of investable assets that are controlled by women do you think go unmanaged?

By Deborah Jackson (Founder & CEO, Plum Alley)

This post originally appeared on Plum Alley

Andrea Turner Moffitt’s Harness the Power of the Purse: Winning Women Investors is a well researched account of why female wealth is under tapped. In the book, Turner Moffitt explains how to capitalize on this huge market opportunity. Below are illustrations of some of the most important findings in the book.


 About the guest blogger: Deborah is an entrepreneur, early stage investor and former investment banker. Before founding Plum Alley, she spent two decades working with clients to raise capital in the public and private markets. She has personally invested in companies at the intersection of technology and the transformation of business. She is a fierce advocate for women building and using technology. Her company was founded to further her interests in technology and to champion women entrepreneurs.