Can Schools Teach Entrepreneurship? (Infographic)


An endless debate: is entrepreneurship something that can be taught, or is it just innate? By Amy Noble (Editorial Assistant, Women 2.0)

The answer, according to Top Colleges Online, is both yes and no. Over the past decade, colleges have begun to offer bespoke courses in entrepreneurship, including Babson College, MA, and Syracuse University, NY, and yet the average age of a first-time entrepreneur is, in fact, 40 years of age.

Could structured college courses, taught by entrepreneurs, provide today's young people with the skills to launch startups earlier and more successfully? Or is the view to and talent for entrepreneurship something more personal and less tangible?

Take a look at the infographic below and judge for yourself.

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About the author: Amy is a freelance editor and writer based in London. She is also a copywriter and project manager at a branding and creative agency and a freelance translator (from French into English). She studied Modern Languages at Queens’ College, Cambridge.