Paid Maternity Leave Across the World: The U.S. Is Doing it Wrong


How do different countries help mothers in early parenthood? Hint: The U.S. is behind the curve -- by a lot.

By Ivonne Karamoy (Illustrator & Graphic Designer)

Mother's Day bouquets and celebratory mimosas aside, seeing how little U.S. employers actually support working moms is sobering. Women && Tech investigated the systems that support parents across the world. Here's the data:



This infographic was created by Ivonne Karamoy for Women && Tech.

What about this data do you find the most surprising?

About the guest blogger: Ivonne Karamoy is a designer and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. She works with individuals and teams on design projects for web, UI/UX, games and branding. Ivonne also creates illustrations for books, websites and games.