April's City Meetup, In Pictures


A sneak peak inside April's City Meetup. By Ayesha Rizvi (Editorial Intern, Women 2.0)

More than 600 tech enthusiasts gathered across 12 cities globally to listen to inspirational stories told by women in tech and stumbled into plenty of networking moments throughout. The event took place on April 3rd and was greeted with an enormous amount of enthusiasm from all attendees. Our twelve cities included Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Vancouver; and all reported a growing interested of people wanting to becoming a part of the digital world. Below are a few photos that share a glimpse of City Meetup in select cities. Register for May's City Meetup here.

Popping registration table at the San Francisco City Meetup, April 3rd. #W2SF

Our CEO, Shaherose Charania, celebrating the City Meetup launch in Mexico City. #W2MEX

Jin Zhou, our Programs Manager, gets a photo taken at the Silicon Valley City Meetup on April 3.

Making connections at the San Francisco City Meetup #W2SF

Good attitude and the will to expand your network at the City Meetup in San Francisco. #W2MEX



Grabbing bites and making friends at City Meetup in San Francisco. #W2SF

San Francisco_3

About the author: Ayesha Rizvi is a multimedia & editorial assistant at Women 2.0. She is interested in women, technology & how both, when combined, can contribute to economic growth and stability in the developing world. You can find her on twitter at @arizvii