Startup Quote: Leah Culver on Building an MVP (Lean Startup)


"Learn not to add too many features right away, and get the core idea built and tested."-- Leah Culver (Co-Founder & CEO, Convore)

Leah Culver is a Django developer and serial entrepreneur in San Francisco. Her first venture Pownce was acquired in 2008 by Six Apart. Currently, she is now working on her second startup Convore, which she incubated in Y Combinator earlier this year.

She is on the frontpage of StartupQuote today!

Leah shares her startup lessons learned from Pownce and Convore.

"My second startup is much less stressful because I know what is important and what is not, and what to stress over and what things will work themselves out in the end. I think this is why a lot of investors will invest in a second-time founder; if you are willing to do it a second time you’ve adjusted to that lifestyle and your company is more likely to work out. Learn not to add too many features right away, and get the core idea built and tested. People can’t handle too many features at once and you need to get your core idea. We struggled with that at Pownce and we also struggled with it at Convore. It’s important to have a core use case. As an engineer, I struggle with narrowing down the scope of a product. Anything is possible, so I build anything I want. It’s not, “Can I build it?” — “Should I build it?” is the better question. Making simple products can be difficult for engineers."

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